Spin Bowling Coaching

SPIN BOWLING is a highly specialised art and we provide a complete specialist coaching program run by Harry Shapiro who is widely recognised as South Africa's leading leg spin bowling coach

Bowlers are initially given four one-hour sessions in the basics of spin bowling. This includes training in proper body alignment, the correct use of the wrist and fingers and the optimum use of the shoulders and hips.

A complete computerised analysis and report with special drills for skill development is given to the bowler. Once the basic skills have been mastered the young player will be taught more advanced spin bowling skills.

For more advanced bowlers we offer tactical advice as well as ongoing technique analysis

In addition to our individual coaching and ongoing Durban Spin Bowling Coaching Clinics we also offer the following

• Holiday Clinics In Durban Cape Town and Johannesburg

• Online Video Analysis and advice for all types of bowling

• Specialist Leg spin Coaching with Harry Shapiro

• A Leg Spin CD

• AND The Leg Spin Bowling Association which is the most exciting concept ever for spin bowlers and coaches.